Spigot NoPlugins 7.2

With this plugin! No players can see your plugins, without permission.

  1. Oh... this also happens with /ver (random text)

    Could you make something like no more keywords? Or all messages with /pl (text) says the custom message? If that makes sense
  2. This only appears by /pl (text) and /ver (text)
  3. It should be fixed now.
  4. the latest plugin version 4.6 allows /ver & /pl
  5. Indeed! Wel crap...
  6. Now it should be fixed for good.
  7. Thanks, it's perfect now
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  8. Erm, /pl (text) and /ver (text) seems to work, but now the /pl and /ver without text is just showing info...
  9. ? :p
  10. Uhm dude? I know you're busy with exams but I am just wondering if you saw my comment, and hopefully getting a reply back with a date lol
  11. I saw it now, i'll take a look at it tomorrow :)
  12. Thanks
  13. Now! I've tested it and it now blocks "/ver" and "/pl".
  14. Works like a charm, thanks
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  15. Keep up the good work, hope a update for 1.12 comes out soon. I tested this in 1.12 pre2 and it don't load
  16. Okey, Good to know :)
    and thank you!