Spigot NoPlugins 7.3

With this plugin! No players can see your plugins, without permission.

  1. smmmadden


    Hi there, this was great to implement on my test server and nice to see it working.

    Two Questions:
    1. Can other commands be added to the list in the config.yml or is it specific to just theses?.
    First Round of Testing
    I've added the three permissions to my PEX permissions.yml to grant access
    - noplugin.seeplugins
    - noplugin.bypass.tabblocker
    - noplug.command.noplugins
    I had access to all the commands in the config.yml for NoPlugins and was ABLE to use the same commands /? /version, etc.
    Second Round of Testing
    # - noplugin.seeplugins
    # - noplugin.bypass.tabblocker
    # - noplugin.command.noplugins
    I had access to all the commands in the config.yml for NoPlugins and was ABLE to use the same commands /? /version, etc.
    Third Round of Testing
    - -noplugin.seeplugins
    - -noplugin.bypass.tabblocker
    - -noplugin.command.noplugins
    Access was denied to the commands in the config.yml for NoPlugins.
    So it appears that the default is ALLOW access unless a negated permission is added.
    Fourth Round of Testing
    When the command(s) is/are denied, the message is config setting for NoPlugins is called:
    pluginsMessage: 'Plugins (3): &aUnauthorized&f &aCommand&f &aUse!'
    And the user will see: Plugins (3): Unauthorized Command Use!
    2. What I don't know is the significance of (3) in the setting. Can you elaborate?

    Thanks -Steve
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    1. No, that list is just for the commands that are blocked by TAB.
    2. You mean this? "Plugins (3): etc.." ? If so that is just a message, you can edit it.
  3. smmmadden


    Great! and Yes for #2. That's what I was hoping since I didn't see any other variables passed that way. Too bad, that's all it can prevent. Would be nice to have the extra security to block specific commands for any plugin. :)
  4. Yeah, maybe it will happen who knows? :)
  5. smmmadden


    yeah, same here. Not quite straight-forward with the description in the file.
    customcmdblocked: '&cThis command is blocked.'

    I tried all four variants of using the /dynmap command and the first (actual command) still works. The others showed a msg that i typed in an invalid command (not any message shown below). So what exactly was customcmdblocked supposed to do and how is it used? I added all four to the file and none of them showed the message (when I expected the first one to show). I also noticed that the customcmdblocked line did not show up until I removed the config.yml file and let it regenerate a new one. Normally plugins update the config files and add new parameters.
    dynmap: '&cThis dynmap command is blocked.'
    dynmapcmd: '&cThis dynmapcmd command is blocked.'
    dynmapblocked: '&cThis dynmapblocked command is blocked.'
    dynmapcmdblocked: '&cThis dynmapcmdblocked command is blocked.'

    EDIT: also tried adding /dynmap to the tab-blocked-commands but even then I was still able to type in /dynmap (press tab) and the options still auto-tabbed them in
    Tried using the following too and the command still worked.
    - /dynmap
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  6. I updated config file makes more sense after you do that
  7. I will update, how the config file is written. So that ^^ will no longer be an issue. But in the "commands:" list is where you specify the custom commands. To this date you can only have 1 message for all of them. Thats just for not having to create a field for 100 commands or so if someone puts that in.
  8. Example of working custom cmd blocking.

    EDIT: Sorry for being unclear about this :(
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    Big Backend update and critical fix

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  10. no my config didn't have this at the end
    Code (Text):
    # Enable/Disable custom command blocking.
    enable-customcmd-blocking: false
    - /plugins
    when I deleted the config and rebooted the server I was able to see what you meant, I see the 5.0 will address that issue of end users not updating the config. I was just being lazy.
  11. smmmadden


    Works perfectly!! Thank you.
  12. TODO: When I get home again.
    • Add multi line messages for custom commands.
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  13. Hi there, I am having an issue with this plugin. Everything works perfect and all the plugins are hidden and the anti tab works perfectly for everything apart from if the user only puts "/" and then presses tab. It will still auto complete all the plugins commands. Is there any way to stop this?
  14. The plugin should block this. Maybe you have a plugin that overrides that?
  15. Hey man.. my players can still do / TAB ... I really really love this pls keep updating and fixing bugs
  16. Well, I check it when I find the time.
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    Bug fix + New feature

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  18. Hello, I'm OP, I'm Owner, I have permissions but I can't do any command when I connected to my server, only with console server. Any idea? Thanks
    "- noplugin.seeplugins - Allows you to see the plugins.
    - noplugin.bypass.tabblocker - Bypasses the tab blocker.
    - noplugin.command.noplugins"