Spigot NoPlugins 7.3

With this plugin! No players can see your plugins, without permission.

  1. What do you mean?
  2. the 5.1 version also blocks you if you are OP. to get the commands in game you need to have the above perms and not be OP.
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  3. smmmadden


    I believe if you have added all three to your permissions group, then you would be enabling the plugin to not see any plugins because of noplugin.command.noplugins even if you are an OP. That's how I'm testing it on my servers as an admin/OP user to make sure even I cannot see them.
  4. It does not make any sense. Every OP must have access to everything
  5. In this plugin Opped players can not see the plugins ingame. You would have to specificly add this permission to yourself or your group "noplugin.seeplugins" and most importantly you can not be Opped while having this permission. The other way to see the plugins is through the console.
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  6. And btw, when the plugin reaches 7k downloads, a new version will be released. And to give you a tip of what is coming..

    alot of stuff is fixed, and you can toggle some stuff..
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  7. smmmadden


    I'm a bit confused by that statement. Most if not all admins would be OP'd with the level 4 access. They also would have permissions enabled or disabled for their logins. Mine for example, I am the owner / admin and I'm OP'd with level 4 access and have higher permissions than other admins and added the noplugin.seeplugins permission node under my profile to ensure it works as advertised.
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  8. The thing is, if you want to view the plugins in game. You would have to do following:
    1. Add the permission "noplugin.seeplugins" to your self or your permission group.
    2. Deop yourself.
    3. Woila, you can now see them.

    But in the next update you will be able to configure this.
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  9. smmmadden


    Question for anyone. If a player is granted the permission node of: essentials.heal but this plugin says don't allow the /heal (custom command), what is the expectation? Should I be able to still type /heal and heal myself or should the plugin throw the warning that I don't have access to it?

    In my testing world, I have granted essentials.heal and essentials.heal.others but the NoPlugins I don't want anyone to be able to type the command for it and be healed. I want them to see the message that they don't have access to that command. What I'm seeing is, I get the "no access" text, but I also get healed when I do use it. Remove the permission, and it works fine.

    What I'm trying to do is make the plugin prevent any hacked clients coming in with the option to do more with the command than they should regardless of what is granted. So I am simulating coming in with higher permissions than I should have and want the NoPlugins to say "NO". :)
    Thanks all, Steve
  10. JohnCrafted updated NoPlugins with a new update entry:

    Bug Fixes

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  11. smmmadden


    So does that mean that the custom-commands section in the config.yml will now block any command starting with the characters provided?
    - /dynmap
    - /enchant
    - /we
    - /wb
    - /jobs
    and there are no minimum number of characters or exact match to plugin commands/aliases (first character, first 3 characters, etc.)?

    Can we further restrict multi-parameter commands for like:
    - /jobs join
    - /jobs area
    - /res pdel
  12. Currently experimenting with different options, for how to block only /pl and words behind it. And not block everything starting with /pl since that wouldn't be great at all.
  13. And a fix for this too :)
  14. JohnCrafted updated NoPlugins with a new update entry:

    Big Fixes update

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  15. Now that should be solved, you should test too :)
  16. smmmadden


    awesome, I'll test out both scenarios with the /command and /command <option> and let you know. :)
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