Spigot NoRespawn 1.1.2

Make the player do something when he dies

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    NoRespawn - Make the player do something when he dies

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  2. Nice Plugin,

    My Idea: Make it compatible with Vault. Why?

    The Player can select : Doing an Parkour ( or what ever ) o_O , or he pays ingame Money :D

    When you can do it, i will use this plugin on my Server and i think everyone want's that :rolleyes:

    Spigot DE ;)
  3. @Spi_got_DE
    Then you for your advice! I realy dont know why i didnt add vault in the first version....
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  4. I have downloaded the plugin and nothing happens.? How can i use this plugin ? Ingame ?;)

    Spigot DE
  5. @Spi_got_DE

    When you die it will teleport you in a specific location (you can edit in the DeathFile.yml) where you can do things in order to continue playing..
    Players have to sneak in a gold block in order to run a command (you can edit in the DeathFile.yml) and players can continue playing...
    That will not only make players try not to die but also will stop hem from dying to fill their hunger or health :p
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  6. Ok thanks, but i have a Problem.o_O

    My Server where the Plugin is running on:

    Spigot 1.11
    Plugins: EssentialsX, IConomy, Vault, PermissionsX, WorldEdit/WorldGuard, and your NoRespawn:D

    • I joined my Server and died instantly, after i put the plugin on my Server. (And i was under the map ~ i think the reason is the config Cords)
    • I typed /spawn and it worked.
    • Now there was the message : You have Died!
    • I filled my Money to 100 and sneaked on an emerald-block.
    • then i spawned at spawnpoint and the message was gone.

    Now my Problem:

    • everytime i rejoin my Server, i'm dead and under the map.
    • Chatmessage: SpigotDE, last time you died so you still have to pay or do smth.

    I think there was a Problem with Vault ( Emerald or Redstone-block )

    I Need your help ;)
  7. @Spi_got_DE

    • You spawned under the world because the "Y" in the config in set in 0 and you must change it to whatever you want
    • I completely forgot to disable commands for players that died

    People that might die may leave the server for many reasons so i added when a player joins that died last time he will be spawned in the selecting cords to select whatever you want him to choose.
    The problen is when the player joins and i will fix it in about 3-4 hours.

    Thank you for your help @Spi_got_DE
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  8. You are welcome @xXastaspastaXx ;)

    Thank you for your fast work and updates! I really appreciate that :)

    I have seen that you have removed the commands when someone is dead ( for this Player )

    Can you code something, that i can set in the config the commands that i want to apply? :rolleyes:

    When you want, i can write / translate english into german, so you can offer both languages ;)

    Spigot DE
  9. @Spi_got_DE

    I am trying to fix my mistakes, thats why i am trying to be fast!

    I am not rly sure what do you want me to do... if you mean add commands that can execute when the player is dead, i will try it.

    If you want to volunteer to translate the plugin its ok but i might add a messages file that everyone can change the messages :p
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  10. @xXastaspastaXx Yeah that's what i mean.:D

    The Player is not allowed to execute any command, exept the ones, i set in the config. ( That was my idea )

    That gives the admin more ways to handle with.;)

    The Messages file would be awesome :D

    Spigot DE
  11. @Spi_got_DE

    Thank you for your ideas i will add them in the next update. The next update will come when i add enough things to the plugin
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  12. @xXastaspastaXx your welcome

    Ok nice :D I have a new idea, i will post it to you ( not here )
  13. Thank you @Spi_got_DE !
    If you want i can add your server at the list of the servers using it
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  14. Yeah later on, now i'm working on the Server. I don't know when the Server is ready. I will inform you ;D
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  15. Heyho ;D

    Can you make a permission:

    - nr.bypass

    So i can give premium member this permission and they will get to the original spawn instantly?

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  16. Thank you @Spi_got_DE for your idea

    I will surely add this in he next update
  17. Oh dang, this is exactly something I've been looking for!!!

    Is there any chance you'd be willing to make it compatible with 1.7.10? It halfway works but not quite. My old MMORG would send you to an underworld at death, where you would have to go through hoops to return to the world of the living. This would slow the revolving door of death+respawn in a highly PvP oriented world, and have been really wanting to have a similar system on my Minecraft server for so long now. But since I use Cauldron for Mods+plugins, and that's based on 1.7.10, I can't use the plugin in its current form.
  18. @brainy_smurf

    Well i am not sure but i am going to try to make it 1.7.10 - 1.12 compatible so everyone is going to be happy :p