Spigot NoSpawnerChange [1.8.9 - 1.15.1] 2.1

Disable mob spawner changing with monster egg and remove already changed spawners.

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    NoSpawnerChange - Disable mob spawner changing with monster egg and remove disallowed changed spawners.

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  2. Thanks, helps a lot! :)
  3. This plugin blocks any kind of interaction with the spawner when rightclicking. This makes it so users cannot place torches or signs on the spawner.

    Could you make it so it only denies interaction if the player is holding an egg?
    You could also add a config option to whitelist items they could use on the spawner.
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  4. I currently dont have the source, but I look at it later.
    Notice this is supposed to be a "last rescue" plugin when other options have failed.
  5. Could you add a command such as /nsp reload to reload the configuration from in game?
  6. Hey, I don't think this is really necessary for such little one-feature plugin as this is.
    Besides, reloading simply causes some issues and I want to avoid user's complains that it doesn't work.
  7. There is a bug, even with nospawnerchange.bypass, admins cannot create custom spawners for events using the /setblock command with commandblocks. They just get removed!

    Edit: Both Ignore Creative and the permission are being completely ignored, Im an OP on my server and its deleting my custom spawners, major bug.
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  8. I am sorry but I have not find a way to determine whenever the spawner has been created by a player or by command. I'll add a metadata to the spawner to prevent it being removed if placed by player with the permission.
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  10. How I can have a spawner of Zombie Pigman without receiving this error? Try to add it to "allowed-types" but still happening.

  11. It's not an error, it has [IGNORE] prefix, this means you can safely ignore it, the plugin will ignore the pigman. I'll update the plugin so you can set 'verbose' to false in config.yml to prevent this message from showing up.
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  12. Does this plugin check for every type of mob egg type spawners? It seems like enderman and others are not being blocked..
  13. Could you create a simple wrench plugin, that would really go well with this plugin. Also many of them don't work right or work well in 1.10.

  14. Yes, it listens to the mob spawn event and every mob kind is handled, as long as Bukkit broadcast the event. If the mob is spawned by another plugin or in a case that bukkit does not notify this plugin, we can't control it.

    Can you please give me some more examples ? I don't understand the functionality of what the 'wrench' plugin should do.
  15. People buy wrench or its given to them, and they can only use it once to collect a spawner then it breaks. Traditionally its a golden pick.
  16. Does not work for me...
  17. Oh, there is already a plugin named SilkSpawners, by which you can harvest spawners, also using an item.

    Sorry I don't own a magic ball. What's wrong? :)
  18. I still can change spawned with eggs even when I type the command