Spigot NoSpawnerForAfk 1.2.0

Stop spawners from spawning when all nearby players are AFK according to Essentials

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    NoSpawnerForAfk - Stop spawners from spawning when all nearby players are AFK via Essentials

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  2. Doesn't work on 1.16.3 and latest EssentialsX.
  3. Just now using paper-204 (1.16.3) and EssentialsX- (latest dev build), it correctly blocked spawns from EpicSpawners when I forced myself into afk using /afk.
    Have you used NoSpawnerForAFK successfully on previous versions?
    If not, potentially you have misinterpreted how it works...
  4. My server using MineableSpawners maybe that's why. Is it possible to add support for it?
  5. There's a good chance, especially if it's open source or has a public API.
  6. It's open source so I'll see what I can do tonight.
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  7. I have found that MineableSpawners doesn't affect the animal or mob spawning event, unlike EpicSpawners. It only modifies the events around mining spawners, enabling you to obtain and place a specific spawner, and the player clicking event, enabling you to change the type of the spawner with an egg.

    So your spawners' "spawn" event should behave the same as vanilla and therefore should be able to be blocked by my plugin. I will need to check vanilla spawners as my test was on my regular configuration where I'm using EpicSpawners, which definitely does interfere with the spawn event (to make upgraded spawn rates etc).
  8. Please note that the correct functionality is that NoSpawnerForAFK will cancel a spawn event if every player that is nearby is AFK according to Essentials.
    If any single player within range is moving then it will not block the spawning.
    You must remain motionless for enough time for Essentials to register you as AFK (notification on the chat) OR you can use the /afk command to force yourself to be AFK in Essentials.
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    1.2.0 - Debug logging

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  10. Hey @PREFIXS it may have been a problem with the event not registering because EpicSpawners wasn't on your server.
    I have split the listeners and only register the EpicSpawners listener when that plugin is loaded.

    Also I've added an option to enable logging to your console so you can check the results more certainly.

    Please download version 1.2 and try again. Hopefully you can report good results!
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  11. Despite any indication that this project is abandoned, I'm very much still here. The plugin is currently complete, unless someone has any requests.
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  12. Tested on Minecraft 1.18.1 using paper-1.18.1-110.jar. The existing version NoSpawnerForAFK 1.2.0 worked correctly.

    NoSpawnerForAFK 1.2.0 correctly controlled spawns from vanilla spawners and those set by MineableSpawners.
    Both SilkSpawners and EpicSpawners failed to load on MC 1.18.1, so no tests could be run with those plugins.
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