Spigot NoSwear 7.3

Control your chat.

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    NoSwear - Controls your chat.

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    The Far more powerful detection update

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  3. The plugin is very good.
    But, you could put an option to change the prefix?
    Sorry for my bad English.
  4. Thank you, do you mean to change [NoSwear] ? I don't understand why you would want to change it..?
  5. My server is Spanish, and that in English is not very good, and if can customize better.
  6. If player send "f.u!ck", your plugin block this message?
  7. Yes. You will have to enable "Strict mode" which essentially strips all non-alphanumeric characters :)
  8. But, you can add the prefix to be configured?
  9. Yes, I will add this in a future update.
  10. Ok, thanks!! ;)
  11. Does this work with 1.11.2?
  12. The plugin is dinging people for using words like "shoot" and "shot", and a handful of others that are similar to swear words. I can't seem to find a setting in the config that tells it to ignore similar words. Or am I just missing it?
  13. It should definitely not fire for cases like this, are you sure someone hasn't added it into the blocked words list?
    I will attempt to recreate this when I find time.
  14. Yeah, I've checked the words.yml. Those two words are not in the list. If a player logs in and just says one of those two words, they'll get a warning, and eventually get kicked. There are other words that will do this, similar to swear words, but I've just been experimenting with these two words.

    I just logged in with a non-admin account. I said "shot", and got a warning. Then I said "shoot", and got kicked.

    Code (Text):
    [09:35:47] [Async Chat Thread - #0/INFO]: [ [0;37;1mworld[0;37;1m][m<[0;35;22mXeroMonk[m> s**t[m
    [09:35:54] [Async Chat Thread - #0/INFO]: [[0;37;1mworld[0;37;1m][m<[0;35;22mXeroMonk[m> s**ot[m
    [09:35:54] [Server thread/INFO]: XeroMonk lost connection: §0[§4No§fSwear§0] §fKicked for language!
    [09:35:54] [Server thread/WARN]: handleDisconnection() called twice
    [09:36:04] [Server thread/INFO]: [0;33;1mXeroMonk left the game[m
    Do you need any other info about my server?
  15. Is the word 'ho' on your list in words.yml?
  16. There we go. I found some other two and three letter words in the words.yml that could be triggering this. That was easy enough.

    Thanks again!
  17. This is a amazing plugin!could i share this plugin on mcbbs.net?Let Chinese people know this plugins!
    ...uhhh I have bad English :D
  18. Yes you can, please post the download link to the dev.bukkit page please.