Spigot NoSwimming 0.4

Disable swimming for your users. Useful for RPG Servers

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    NoSwimming - Disable swimming for your users. Useful for RPG Servers

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  3. Thanks ^^

    Yes I did it, I was trying find a plugin that did this. And I couldn't find any so I did one ^^
  4. hello
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  5. :,) your first plugin :eek:
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    Cancel Event of Damage , Improved Algorithim

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  7. a little question: what happens if a player jumps out of a boad? D:
  8. Player would still get in touch with water therefore he would still pushedback

    In other words, players can't use boats

    I could add a check if player is on boat don't push him back

    However if the player is on a boat and in the half of the ocean he decides to jump out, he will be pushed back until he finds earth
  9. that real sounds glitchy :D

    some oceans a re really big :D..so its a have Teleport *hehe*
    But u noticed u can click inside to jump in aboat from land?

  10. Still, by clicking inside to jump into a boat, player will still be pushedback because he will still get into contact with the water.

    Try it, you won't be able to use the boat.
  11. Maybe add function to turn off message?
  12. I would love to see the ability to make swimming hard. Depending on how much stuff you are carrying, instead of just canceling swimming all together. I loved how that was done on Extra Hard Mode plugin, but its hasn't been updated for 1.8.9 :( Looking for a new plugin to support this ability.