Not a duel plugin that matches my needs?

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  1. Have you ever been at a really cool faction server with a duel system, one that allows you to do 1v1s party duels Ranked or Unranked? I have, and i want my server to be like that. But for that i need to find the dang plugin, the problem is THERE ISNT ONE
    What i want is very specific

    Name: ClashDuels

    All customizable in game

    -/DuelAdmin Open GUI for duel setup

    Keep in mind this is for factions

    Create Arena (Type Arena name in chat. Gui opens back up
    Create Gamemode (Type name chat EG: Gapple)
    Create Kit (Gamemode Name. Makes Armor and inventory into the kit Including data values, lore name and enchants
    Set {Arena} Spawn Team 1 (Set Multiple For Party Duel, Max of 10)
    Set {Arena} Spawn Team 2 (^)

    /Duel {Playername}
    /PartyDuel Create (DON"T MAKE A /PARTY I HAVE MCMMO)
    /PartyDuel Invite {Player}
    /PartyDuel Accept {Owner of Partys name}
    /PartyDuel (Pops up GUI With gamemode, Battle type [FFA or Team Death Match] and open arenas

    /Elo Displays Elo, Elo goes up with duel win down with duel lose
    /EloTop Top Players Elo

    /Ranked (Opens gui, select gamemode. Costs Money, Puts you in duel Queue to duel random player, More elo reward
    /Unranked (Same as above put normal elo and no money

    /Unranked Leave (Leaves Queue)
    /Ranked Leave

    Configuarable Messages

    I know this is a big plugin, If someone made it for me I would be eternally grateful, I havent been able to find one(
  2. Get a dev to make you one.
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