not allowed to /help ?

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  1. for some reason even tho its a default permission and i have added the permission to the default group I cant do /help unless im an admin. I get "I am sorry, you are not permited to execute this command."
  2. Are you sure you added the right permission?

    And do you have any plugins added that might get in the way? Like if you had Essentials, you'd need to add

    If those still result as no avail, then include some more information on what your setup is like; Version, plugin list, groups, op or not, etc.
  3. *face palm* found the issue /help is one of the default commands blocked by command blocker ulitmate. but still having an issue with other basic bukkit commands like /gamemode even tho my "mod" group has the bukkit.command.gamemode permission the error I get is " I'm sorry you don't have permissions to preform this command. Please contact the server administrator if you belive this is an error."
  4. Are you sure you spelled it right and all? Verify at this link, because that specific type of error is the default 'core' permissions; and if that doesn't work, try removing all but your permissions plugin to see if anything else might be blocking it.
  5. Can't quite believe someone had the same problem as me but I had this problem too, didn't even realise I had the plugin lmao,

    Thank you!
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