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  1. I run a small survival server, with my only way of getting new players being PlanetMineCraft bumping which frankly gives me max 0-2 new people per day where maybe 50% stay for a while. What could i do to increase the amount of new players i get per day. I'm not looking for 10 new players per day, just a bit better gain. I do not have the budget to dump 200-400 euros on a .org slot. I have invested a little bit in getting the banner and such to look nice so i don't think that's an issue. I also get a decent amount of votes per month but nowhere near enough for it to actually make a difference. I am also registered on quite a lot of serverlists. This is my server page on planetminecraft. What could i do to gain more players per day? BTW My budget for advertising is about 20 euros if anyone is wondering.
  2. Save up some money to hire smaller youtubers to advertise your server.
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  3. Post your servers on more sites. Add something unique or fun that makes your players want to stay around. As Extreme said pay a smaller youtuber. Pay for a premium server spot. Hire a developer. These will all help improve your server.
  4. Build a community. Do not pay for youtubers or any other way of advertising unless you have a decent active community.
    I have seen some very generic small servers, but they still got quite a lot of players thanks to their little player base who always talk and play together. Start small and build up, don't jump in and hire some youtubers. Most likely the players you get from the youtuber will just temporary, as soon as they stop playing those players may just stop as well.
    Your server has been out for just a month, give it some time and be patient. Try to make something cool to keep the players, invite some of your friends to get a player base.
  5. If you want players stream on Twitch and have the title "SMP Playing With Viewers" and people will join for sure.
  6. That's very interesting, I wonder if it has to do that they feel like they are involved of being on there or even just watching as they were to be playing in the server?
  7. I don't know but it works and you usually get some awesome builders.
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  8. I already have a small playerbase, the problem is that after the initial growth from the .org post i don't get enough new players. Most players that join stay the problem is just that not enough new players join.
  9. Generally speaking once you got a few dedicated players on a regular it's time to pull up on the ad streams. But as others mentioned don't expect PAID ads to bring those people in.

    So worry about getting those few players by doing the above or server lists or etc without paying upfront for them. THEN allocate an ad budget to extend from there.