not letting me change spigot server to cracked version

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  1. Can anyone help me I downloaded the latest build for spigot I set it up and everything but now it won't let me change it to cracked version can anyone help and for bukkit server how do I load plugins in to the game because I got the plugins in plugins folder they are not loading up so I can use them ingame
  2. open whatever you use to run your server (your .bat or .sh) and change the -0 true to -o false
    and we'll need some errors and stuff for the not loading of the plugins...
  3. but i dont knon what runs my server because i followed all the steps to make it and it didnt say i needed something to run it
  4. also if im runing my server through sh what will the name upload_2015-5-6_9-37-20.png be of the program if i didnt change it to default thats all i got can u tell me how im runing my server please
  5. are you manually double clicking the spigot-1.8.3.jar to start your server?
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  6. yea but how do i change the server offline that way
  7. yea how do i change the server for cracked version that way
  8. oh gosh...
    have you even followed a tut on how to run a server?

    Replace CraftBukkit with Spigot, and craftbukkit.jar with the jar youre running.

    1. Download CraftBukkit's latest recommended build: CraftBukkit - Recommended Build
    2. Put the .jar file in the directory you'd like the server to run from
    3. Open a text editor such as Notepad and type:
    java -Xmx1024M -jar craftbukkit.jar -o true

    4. Save the document as run.bat (not as a .txt) in the same directory as craftbukkit.jar.
    [​IMG] Note: With some programs such as Notepad, it may try saving as run.bat.txt. When saving to a file name, put the name in quotes: "run.bat"
    5. Double click run.bat and you're away!
    6. To shut down, issue the "stop" command in console.
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  9. thanks and yeah i have a server but just wanted to date it but i deleted wrong files so had to restart and i dint know u had to have that this time but thabks for your help
  10. and craft bukkit deleted the build it said s the page cant be found
  11. please try to use common sense...
    you allready have the jar, why would you even try to download a new one?
    youre allready at step 2.
  12. ok one more thing i want to use spigot so what command do i use to start that server
  13. mean like the command to make me start it up on my own
  14. He literally JUST told you how to do that.

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  15. i know lol i was trying to fuck with him sorry man
  16. Ya, I'm kinda feeling like your just trolling. Cause a cracked server is just an offline server. It allows pirated versions as well as legit versions to join.

    So, to make it cracked just open you serveroptions.cong file and set
    Server online? : True
    To false. It's that simple.

    Then run and design it like a normal server adding the plugins you want.

    Then, advertise your server IP and enjoy getting hacked :D and griefed cause no good/honest players play on cracked servers.