Not showing the right playercount

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  1. Hello,

    I have a problem with my bungeecord. It is not showing the right playercount


  2. Those 2 pictures were not taken at EXACTLY the same time. And the scoreboard plugin might have delay between updating
  3. Yes the pictures were taken with some delay because I had to join the server. The scoreboard plugin is just fine because there were 8 people online and 2 people on a different server. But it still said there were only 5 players online
  4. Im also getting this message when I join one of my servers directly. But Ip forwarding is enabled in my bungee config.
  5. If you're using using BungeeCord, you shouldn't be connecting to the Minecraft servers directly. You need to join through BungeeCord.
    This may be why your playercounts are different, 5 people joined through Bungee, and the other 3 joined directly.
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  6. I know that. But you cant connect to it directly because that will show this message. But why is that message showing up when IP forwarding is enabled in the bungeecord config?
  7. Do you also have bungeecord set to true in your spigot.yml file?
  8. Yes I have
  9. Where are you hosting Bungeecord?
  10. Problem come certainly that the plugin goes looked the number of connected on the spigot server and not on the server bungee
  11. I think it is fixed. I think it was a issue with the host.