[Not Solved] [Spigot] JavaSocketconnection - Message recieved but no value?!

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  1. Hi, guys. Today my problem is, when I send a message with JavaSockets, i recieve the message but can't read any value! Can any body help me?

    My script:

    important code from 79 to 89

    important code from 131 to 150

    -> I know, the script is dirty, but it is to see if i can read values or not, only for that problem.

    P.S. Other connections in the same plugins working perfect!

    Im German XD​
  2. I have no error, what I know is the value/s are "null"
  3. On the server you are expecting the second line to be "updateSign", but on the client you send "updateSign" as the third line, whereas the second line is "test".

    Also, whyyyyyy are you calling intern() everywhere? What did you hope to get out of this?
  4. 1. I have say, the code there is dirty, can you red the line "System.out.println( . . . );"?
    2. It were so, when I don't do this I became an error and with it not!
    More questions?
  5. Yes
    I read many such lines in your code, yes. What is the significance of this question?
    What error did you get?

    Maybe you should try explaining your problem more thoroughly? What output are you expecting? What output do you get instead? What makes you think you receive messages? What makes you think you can't read them? Be elaborate.
  6. 1. I do that to see if a message value comes in.
    2. Thats no important, important is to fix my problem.
  7. I had a bunch of other questions. Maybe it would help if you took your time to answer them?
  8. Yes, I can answer your questions.
  9. So, I know I recieve messages while in my console were one "ok" (show line 80 and 82 in http://pastebin.com/SJB1WFKJ) and after them ther stands nothing (show line 81 in http://pastebin.com/SJB1WFKJ)
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  10. Can you paste your console output here?
  11. So you only get one "ok" then?
  12. ... yes ...
  13. Which means you do, in fact, not receive the message. The thread on the server blocks there and then, after the first "ok".
  14. In my console is nothing, nothing about the values I sendet.
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