1.18 Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I need some opinions about my crafting system

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Is this idea good?

  1. I like it, it adds some depth to item crafting

  2. I dont like it, sounds really annoying and grindy

  3. This could work if you change something

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  1. What I want to know from you, does this sound like a fun and interesting way to make items:

    So in my current system, instead of simply crafting most items in the crafting grid, most (non decorative) items have to be made from blueprints!

    So lets say you have a high smithing skill, and want to make a diamond pickaxe. So you open your book which opens a menu, choose the smithing skill and choose the diamond pickaxe, which gives you a fresh blueprint.

    It says you need 3 diamonds and two sticks, so you but the blueprint in your offhand, and the item of choice in your main hand, and right click to add the items to your blueprint. Once the item requirement is satisified, the blueprint goes into "work mode"

    It says you need a hammer, and that you need to work on an anvil and that the work amount is at 8000.

    So again, blueprint in off hand, and your tool (in this case, the hammer) in your main hand and you right click on the anvil to work on your tool. Every click reduces some amount of work from the blueprint, and once it hits 0, you get your pickaxe with a quality based on your skill.

    The quality determens durability, and maybe enchantments, like a good quality diamond pickaxe comes with 1.5x the durability than normal and eff I already on it.

    I made this to make tool more valuable, because you have to spend (a lot) of time working on your tools and blocks which slows the game down a bit.

    Does this sound fun or interesting? Is this a good idea? Opinions and critique are appreciated :)

    The server this is supposed to run on, is a hard """"realistic"""" medieval style smp, with kingdoms, trading and light rp
  2. Great idea, it's probably just going to be a pain to make that blueprint book lol
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  3. Most of the crafting system is already implemented, but yeah the book is going to be a PITA lol
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  4. I'm guessing you're also planning on making "easier" blueprints build faster if the player's skill is high enough?
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  5. Yes, the blueprints will have levels associated with them. If you are a higher, or much higher lvl, quality and speed will go up. Also the better the tool, the speed will go up too.

    Although higher level tools like diamond and netherite will always take really long, but WAY longer if you arent the right level, or impossible if you are too low.
  6. I actually considered the whole "different crafting" idea a while back and frankly it's a VERY underrated mechanic (generally in games).
    I think this will be a great way to spice things up, ESPECIALLY if you make the server RPG-themed!
  7. Its a BEAST to program though, my god. The crafting system isnt quite finished yet, the skill system is only partily working and most of the actual skills I havent even began working on.

    This is going to take me quite some time to make hahaha!
  8. Iwitrag


    To me it sound quite boring and annoying way how to craft stuff.
    The trend nowadays is to make everything easier and quicker. You are doing the opposite.
    But that is just me. What is boring for me can be quite entertaining for others.

    If you feel like this is good idea - just do it. There will be at least one person who will find it fun - and it's you!
  9. Its supposed to drag everything a little bit out. Not everything is going to be crafted that way, just tools and all functional blovks.

    I want players to work together, so not everyone can make everything, so each player has to specialize and trade / work with eachother.

    Once the plugin is in a playable state Ill invite 5-10 people to play with me, to see how it actually plays ingame and if my idea actually works haha
  10. Iwitrag


    Maybe I would keep basic (vanilla) equipment as it was before - in crafting table.
    And only dedicate your new crafting system for some new, really unique and good equipment.
  11. The thing is, I hate how quickly the game goes. This is exactly what I am trying to make away with lol.

    Armor and Tools and everything metallic will be handled by a smith f.e. YOu can get leather armor fairly early in the skill tree and basic wooden weapns can be made by anyone.

    Like I said, basic building blocks are not going to be behind any skill locks, and tools can technically be used by anyone, although someone who is not a miner, wont be able to mine ores f.e thats the miners job.

    This is to force players to work together in groups, or cities or whatever. It is supposed to be a more gritty hardcore experience!

    Maybe I am being a little protective over my code baby here lmao but I believe for the right people this can be a fun and different experience.
  12. If there was an easier way to make the game harder, and to force people to play together I would love to hear it, because I really want to play the game and coding all of this up is going to take me a month and a half :D
  13. I suggest disabling wood drops with bare hands and introduce a hatchet (a small axe with very little durability) and reducing the durability of tools and weapons in general.
    I actually worked on an RPG-themed server for a while (not anymore, didn't work out...) and we had some ideas on how to make everything take more time and feel more rewarding.
    "Oh great, an iron set with tools and everything 15 minutes after I started the game....." - I believe you also wish to prevent that and make people feel like they've earned everything they make and I like that.
    You're welcome to ask for my opinion about stuff like this any time! (concepts and/or coding)

    Let me know when the server is finished - I'd like to try it ;)