not wanting VKBackPacks and Autosell to link

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Hazzaaa, May 23, 2016.

  1. Hey, Ive tried on the plugins discussions but i wanted to see if anyone was able to help me over here. Im wanting to use vk backpacks as a playervault system as its advertised. Im also using autosell and im wanting it to when i mine i fill my inventory then show that its full instead of going to fill up the whole backpack then warning its full. Is there any way for them to not link and not to fill up the backpacks and keep it like before the backpacks were added.
  2. i believe AutoSell has a function to disable the use of vkbackpack.
  3. there is once setting in autosell to do with the backpack plugin and its this, but even when its disabled by this and in game it still starts to fill the backpack
    Code (Text):
      bptoggle_on_join: false
  4. but bptoggle is turned off? did you try manually turning it off?
  5. yea i manually turned it off in game and it still puts everything into the backpack after my inv is full
  6. and autosell is doing autopickup? and the autopickup of other plugins turned off?
  7. autosell is doing the autopickup and in the backpack it is set to false
  8. i added the support of "UseVKBackPack: true|false" in VKAutoPickup.
  9. thanks so much but when your inventory is full is there a way for it to show that "inventory full" thing from clips plugin instead of just dropping the non picked up blocks like are you able to stop them dropping to keep down on entities?
  10. if you don't drop them on the ground where do they go? player just lose them???
  11. never mind about the blocks dropping but is there a way to still trigger the full inventory message
  12. i can add that option.
  13. thanks you :D