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  1. So, my friend told me about this host and he says it's very good. I'm not entirely sure about it so I'd like to ask you guys! :)
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    It's not a very big/known host, so I doubt many people if anyone here uses it.
  4. Yeah I haven't heard of it. But, the website does look really cool. Also seems pretty cheap.
  5. Yeah, they have web hosting plans for $1. I'm just wondering whether they massively oversell or if there is some catch... :)
  6. They don't have a favicon... </3
  7. Such dissapoint
    Very sadness
    Much unprofessional

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  8. I have like an OCD for it xD
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  9. Well, I'm sad to say, I don't have a favicon on my site... When I was switching hosts, I forgot to download the favicon for some reason and I've been too lazy to put one on my site.
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  11. I would stick with a host that is well known such as BisectHosting.
  12. Lol shouldn't I just get a kimsufi box or something? :p

    I was just asking whether they were good or not lol.
  13. Getting a dedicated box certainly gives you more freedom.
  14. And it instantly makes you sexy ;)