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Edit note blocks easily in a menu

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    Note Block Editor - Edit note blocks easily in a menu

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  2. The noteblocks don't make sounds when you are changing with right-clicks like normal xD

    Also can you make it so the block under the noteblock is indestructable, and is reverted back to the original block when the noteblock above it is broken? :)

    Currently it seems you can steal the gold blocks and whatnot if you change the note to Bell and the other note types haha ^^
  3. Couldn't reproduce the noteblocks not making a sound when right-clicking normally. My plugin works with shift-right-click just so you can change them the original way as well.

    The plugin isn't really designed for survival. I could add a config option which would disable the instrument menu so you could only change the pitch. Logging every noteblock placed probably isn't a good idea.
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  4. It seemed like a plugin incompatibility for the right-click bug so don't worry about that one! ^^
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    Version 1.0.1

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  6. Great plugin, just wish when I right clicked it with a torch in my off hand it wouldnt place the torch down. Like if it could ignore what was in my offhand that would be great.
  7. Ah, I see what you mean! The plugin ignores all offhand events entirely so they don't get cancelled. That's why the torches still get placed. I'll see if there's something I can do about that.

  8. notebetter mods

    This is how I use it.
    Could you make a config version?
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  9. As far as I understood this mod adds a feature that lets you change or add sounds to the noteblocks? For example, you could set a diamond ore to play the experience orb pickup sound. Is this what you're referring to?
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  10. yes
  11. I did something similar. With NoteBlocksPlus you can assign any sound to any material in the game. The note blocks can be tuned like regular and they play when activated with redstone or interacted by the player.
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    Version 1.1

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  13. Hello, could you please add a config optin to disable change instrument? Because players can farm the blocks below it, like the gold blocks that generates with this mechanic.
  14. Yes, that's already a feature. Just negate the permission "noteblockeditor.instruments" from players who should not have access.