Spigot NoteSoundAPI | [1.7-1.16] 0.0.8

An API that allows you to convert midi files into note sounds with a full set of features

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    NoteSoundAPI - An API that allows you to play midi files with a full set of features

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  2. Hmm, it would be very cool, if I can actually send midi signal in real time from client side.
  3. I'll wait till 1.12 full version is out and try this out :) Seems like a great plugin to watch for now.
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    [Added] New Instrument Methods | V 0.0.6

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  5. Erro in disable api!
  6. Could you post that error so i can solve it for you?
  7. How I can configure?
  8. What so you wanna configure?
    Note that its an API for programming all needed Infos are on the Main Page
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  9. Yes Thankou
    I Dont know a lot of programming, but all seems useful and awesome. ^~^
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  10. Hello!
    Please, you can update on 1.13?
    Thank you!
  11. sure, will update it to be useable from 1.7-1.15 :)
  12. Hi, this looks like a great API. How can I use this in my plugin??
  13. Checkout the Overview Page for the usage