Nothing saves?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Aj7202, May 23, 2016.

  1. So when the server is up and running As when a player does all his stuff then when he logs off he loses all his stuff and put back at spawn happens for everyone.
  2. Is the server in offline mode?
  3. Can I see a console log of the server booting up and then a log of when the player leaves/joins?
  4. Can you list us your plugins?
  5. He is right, there can be plugin/version conflict.
  6. You had essentials ? to save playerdata when they logged off.
  7. I don't believe it'd be essentials, default vanilla servers also are encoded to save players data with their UUID. It has to be something else within his server, although it could be that.
  8. I think so. but it might be helpful because some of bukkit version doesn't saves playerdata carefully some user had reports.
  9. Indeed. It is smart to think it could be essentials, got to take everything into account. I'm thinking that the player UUID is getting cleared or bugged.
  10. Can I have a list of plugins you're currently running?
    I need your version.
    Are you using a spigot .jar?
    Try clearing all player UUIDS. (Last resort. This resets the whole player file, which may fix it.)
  11. yes seems weir its about to do with UUIDs I think either but how should we know if we don't have the console logs when they left or plugin list.
  12. We will have to wait and see when/if he uploads the logs and such.
  13. Are you sure you've enough space to save/write on your disk?
  14. He might be using a faulty server JAR, we never know without anything that helps us.
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