Spigot NoWorldEditRegions 2.0

Block WorldEdit in WorldGuard regions!

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    NoWorldEditRegions - Block WorldEdit in WorldGuard regions!

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    Factions Integration!

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  3. Cool
    But i have question
    If SomeOne op
    can use WE commands in certain area????
  4. It just denies block changes in certain areas.
  5. Sorry I Have Another Question
    Is It works in 1.10 ??
    But Tested Minecraft server is : 1.8
    Do u wrrited this plugin for 1.10?
  6. No, it's designed for 1.8, but you can test if it works on 1.10
  7. This plugin is essential to keep your spawn safe from admins since sure you can get rid of there perms for worldguard but for worldedit they want it.
  8. Please consider an update to 1.11.2
  9. This plugin works but it disables workedit in the whole world instead of the region example i set a region in a world to be blocked then worldedit is blocked in the whole world.
  10. I'll see what I can do. I have time to update the plugin in the week from 1 to 5 May. I'll try to update it earlier, but I'm almost sure I won't have time.

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  11. Okay thank you so much :)
  12. Its fine im just using blockshub to log any worldedit changes. but thanks for offering to update it :)
  13. Can this plugin be made to deny all of worldedit so people cant set points in the protectet regions??