NPC Shop cmd execution!

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  1. Hey there!
    I use a Minehut SMP server ( and I am struggling to get a shop plugin to work! I can make the shop itself, but when I want to trigger it by an NPC being clicked, it doesn't work and says that the command issued by the NPC is unknown! I added the command /shop to the NPC as a cmd, but still doesn't work! Any ideas
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  2. Don't include your server IP in the thread. Which plugin triggers the command?
  3. First, why should I not include my server IP! And second, the NPC triggers the command to open the shop!
  4. Isn't this your server IP?
  5. Yes why?
  6. It’s a MineHut server that he is hosting.

    Whats the actual shop plugin you use though?
  7. Currently GUIshop, but this doesn't work with any of the plugins that need to use the /shop command to be opened!
  8. Try using “/guishop:shop” as the command. Do other commands work with the NPCs?
  9. Yes other commands do work! I will try the /guishop:shop command, thank you!
  10. I tried the command you said, still nothing, it is still displaying "Unkown command! Type '/help' for help"
  11. Do other commands work when being executed by the NPC?
  12. Yes, like /help works with npc, all the orginal minecraft commands do!
  13. Try linking /guishop. See if that outputs the normal GUIShop help messages.

    If it shows Unknown Command, I feel it has to be a way the plugin is handling command execution, and you would probably need to contact the author for more directed assistance.
  14. Thanks, though I don't know how to link a command!
  15. "I added the command /shop to the NPC as a cmd"
    Just do whatever you did to add /shop to the NPC, but add /guishop instead.
  16. Oh, okay, but i did that already and it didn't work!
  17. You added /guishop instead of /shop?