Npc Skins Not Working (Skulls To!)

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Xenons, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. For some reason lately Npcs, and player skulls don't have skins at all, we tried many different skull plugins same thing, updating citizens nothing work, nothing is conflicting either, and no console errors are displayed, any solutions on how to fix it? its really annoying not being able to do anything that involves npcs/skulls which is a lot for my kind of server, we also tried skin fixer plugins they aren't working either....
  2. DDR


    I also have this problem, you Solved?
  3. Your server is online-mode? If it's set to false try to change it.
  4. I think its something with the mojang skin servers.
  5. i know this thread is old but i have the same issue right now .-.
  6. its alright, I found out it was some issue with host that I was using, I switched back to shockbyte and it was all good
  7. same issue with me, using melon cube hosting. the skins would render about 2 months ago, but now any newly created NPC will have a default Steve or Alex skin.
  8. I was wondering about this. So this is something Mojang is doing intentionally for some reason or another? Does this mean Citizens and player skulls just won't have skins after this point?
  9. The reason why they're doing this isn't clear.

    Skulls and Citizens (with skins) that were set up prior to the issue still should work. They've only 'blocked' access to profile lookups, not the sessions or textures part of their CDN/API.

    A basic understanding of what happens is:
    • Profile ( lookup for Player_1 (What's 'blocked')
    • Gets Player_1's UUID from Profile lookup.
    • Uses Player_1's UUID to get texture(skin) info from sessions (
    • Decodes the texture signature/value string (which will have the link to that texture (Skulls/Skins cache/store/remember these strings, hence why they still display))
    • Uses the texture ( link for the Citizens Skin / Skull.
  10. Alright. Is there anything we can do to work around this? I've been reading some things about running a proxy through Linux, but it's nothing someone who rents their server node remotely can really do about it aside from asking their host if they can do that. Or perhaps this is all only temporary?
  11. It should have fixed it's self.
    Dinnerbone posted yesterday that it was a mistake and it all should be going back to normal.
  12. I am having this same problem... We need to somehow solve this issue its very annoying.. I am using Bisect Hosting btw.

    I even deleted all the citizens in the folder and when i try and make them its still alex or steve

  13. I have the same issue. Is there anyway i can fix this without switching hosts as i've just changed to from offensiveservers. It worked when i used offensiveservers, but i just spent a ton of cash creating this server **** If you have a way to fix this without switching, please hmu with a dm, Discord: Dragonss#5224 or just send something here and i'll keep checking :D.
  14. Anyway to solve this??
  15. How I fixed it is by switching to different host (Shockbyte)
  16. I like my host just hate the problem no plugin can fix the problem?