Npc stick arms out like zombies

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by SpeedyBoy27, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Im using citizens plugin, is there a way to make npcs arms stick out like zombies?
  2. If by NPCs you mean villagers, then no, villagers can't move their arms.
  3. No i mean like the npc's from the citizens plugin, they look like players and you can make them do stuff.
  4. Plz i need to find a way
  5. I did a bit of googling and all the threads I can find are about doing it as a mod with Forge. There may not be a way, and if there is it probably involves sending some custom packets which I assume you aren't interested in as this is a Spigot Help thread.

    Edit: I know for a fact you can edit the arm position of armor stands though. Maybe using a resource pack you can make them look like players?
  6. Would that require optifine for the texture? I dont really want to use any mods
  7. Hello SpeedyBoy27,

    Your request look like a question for google. Not an issue with Spigot itself.
  8. No clue sorry never had a use for that
  9. I do not believe this is possible, unless the NPC is actually set to be the Zombie Mob type.

    The only command for changing NPC is the /npc pose ~~ however this is for head movement only.
  10. Sorry for opening this discussion in the wrong place but thanks for the answers.