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  1. I was hoping to learn how to make a NPC without a API to reference due to hearing that most of them were not able to be used very well so i went looking for tutorials on how to make a NPC but as i was looking around all the videos were very old and had code that doesn't exist anymore in them and things that dont work with each other the same way they used to so does anybody know a good new tutorial for it or can somebody show me what the code looks like so i can expand it and change it to do what i need it to ?
  2. Take a look at existing apis' code?
  3. i heard most of them didnt work well and most of them implement things i dont wish to learn how to spawn in NPC's without worring about the movement or anything like that
  4. Yes, but they aren't completely dysfunction and worthless. They can still prove educational value and can teach you the basics components of NPCs.
  5. sorry i have been quite bussie witch would u recommend Citizens i heard was one of the better ones?