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  1. alot of the error is missing, and are you using multicraft because some of it seems to be cut out?
  2. yea I'm using multicraft:

    Heres another one
  3. without the full uncut log, i cant really see what is the issue. It is something with InventoryClickEvent i know, but thats it as far as i can decode that error log
  4. Add a check to even see if it has ItemMeta

    I did something like this before and i did it without the check but when i added it the error stoped
  5. Can you show a example?
  6. @DidactCraft so. much. repetition. Also, you should not be closing the inventory in the InventoryClickEvent, as the documentation warns you that it could lead to unpredictable behaviour.
  7. Code (Text):
    if (!e.getCurrentItem().hasItemMeta()) {
    Sorry if it is wrong just remembered it off the top of my head
  8. Wow, ok man. I want to close the inventory so the user can't abuse the kits. Also I've made it so that it opens another GUI.
  9. If a slot is not clicked, InventoryClickEvent#getSlot() will return -1, you should

    Code (Text):
    if(event.getSlot() == -1){
  10. Thanks but what were you going to say after -- "you should" ?
  11. Ok I tried it, and its still throwing a NullPointerException on this line of code:
    if (e.getCurrentItem().getItemMeta().getDisplayName()
    .contains("ยง3Knight Kit")) {
  12. Thanks man, I believed it worked! <3
  13. Trust me, it was the biggest pain when I had the same problem :/ e.getCurrentItem() without the method is just assuming there is an item.
  14. Thanks for your help <3
  15. Omnivion


    Pretty sure there's a hasDisplayName() method as well.