Spigot NSA 2.0

Over excessive logging taken to the max

  1. kyle submitted a new resource:

    NSA - Over excessive logging taken to the max

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  2. Hahaha! Laughed my ass of when I saw this! Good job and brilliant idea! :D
  3. We have Prism for a while, now NSA ... when will we get Government?
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  4. joehot200


    You forgot to add EntityDamageByEntityEvent and check if the player is damaged :(.

    Also, How do I log if the player is eating a cookie while playing? I want to know what percentage of my players like cookies. Is there a way to hack into their webcam and do it?
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  5. kill_da_trolls


    Is this a Bungee or Bukkit plugin?
  6. Bukkit
  7. Added both xD
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  8. I want to have some more features:
    Facebook profile of the player
    Key logging
    Real location
    Age of the Player
    Face cam
    Remote PC off and self destroy

    You just need to send the player to an website where he is downloading a virus ^^
    Then the plugin name fits to the features if you can not do this RENAME THE PLUGIN :p
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  9. This guy lol
  10. kill_da_trolls


    I'm sure you're under surveillance in PRISM :)
  11. This is wonderful thank you! (Helps with both plugin development, in a way, and replacing three other terrible logging plugins >_>)
  12. DarkComet RAT.
  13. Quite the plugin, sounds about right though.
  14. Fukkit* ;)
  15. You do realise that without bukkit, there would be no spigot now?
  16. Spigot is awesome, bukkit is bad cause of their community staff like Necrodoom.
  17. The people at Bukkit are bad but the Bukkit project itself is great.
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  18. I guess so.