Spigot Nuclear survival | nuker 1.3.1

New nuclear survival gamemode

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    Nuclear survival | nuker - New nuclear survival gamemode

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  2. I hope you can support lower versions lile 1.12.
    And then,why not update a custom world generator(no grass block,more trees without leaves and more damaged buildings and shelters with some useful resources in them,more extremely weather such as meteor falls.earthquake and acid rain.etc) and add more custom items that will be needed in the world?
  3. Good idea! Im working on updates rn, and i realy like this idea!
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  4. Should add an option to modify the y levels that take place. Maybe in a config file. I added the plugin after we began underground construction and we did it exactly at y53 and I wish we could increase or decrease it to one of these numbers.

    Besides that great plugin, going to make a great addition to my server. We have several other plugin including Disease and this will only make it harder. Hehe time to make my players suffer xD.
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  5. ;) good idea. Thank you for the review.
  6. Can you rate the plugin in raiting section? :)