Solved NullPointerException regarding inventory.

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  1. Ok, I'll thank everyone who answers to me.
    What my plugin is doing right here is creating an Inventory upon executing a command.
    Then I've made so it should replace 'empty' slots get replaced with glass panel. The thing is that
    I'm not understanding how can this code throw a null pointer exception when I use the
    Inventory#getItem().getType(); method.
    The code seems to give a NullPointerException. Is the issue trying to get an item slot of an inventory that isn't opened? I think not?
    Here's the code:

    And here's the javadoc of Material getType() from ItemStack.
  2. Can you post the error message please?
  3. You can't get the type if theres nothing there!

    Code (Text):
     ItemStack item = getItem(i);
                    if(item == null) {
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  4. Thank you didn't realize there was a logic issue.