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  2. In your listener class you have:

    Code (Text):
    private Admin main;
    But it's never initialized?
  3. Used to grab the config from main class. This is not throwing the error (pay attention to the stacktrace) But thank you for your concern.
  4. I think @MrWaffleman is right. It looks to you like it's line 27 of your hastebin. It's actually line 26, because you removed your first line (package). The field is never initialized.

    Maybe it's line 25 of your hastebin if you're sure it's initialized. Next time, please don't mess up your lines when asking people for help. :p
  5. Edited. Hadn't realised I'd cut it off, sorry :p
  6. Print out the value of this field at the beginning of your PlayerJoinEvent.
    Code (Text):
    private Admin main;
    I am pretty sure it prints null.
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