Number of connections

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  1. Am I right in saying that when a player connects to a server through bungeecord, the connection with the proxy stays open? In that case, how many players would a single proxy server be able to have online at the same time?
  2. You connect to bungeecord and bungeecord connects to the server and sends the data through.
    Normally they say that you can get for every 500mb for every 500 players.
    the amount that bungeecord can handle depends on your use and if you use a custom optimised version.
    I personally haven't set up a bungeecord network with a lot of people but I think that one instance should be able to handle around 1000-2000 players. If you use a lot of plugin's then it could be lower.
    There are ways to use multiple bungeecord proxies for one network and one domain.

    To summarise:
    It could handle around 1000 players but it strongly depends on how you use it. You could get 3x that or only a third of that 1000 players.