NuVotifier not working

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  1. I've been trying to setup votifier for the past couple days now, I use SuperbVote for a listener and it works fine, it's just the nuvotifier isn't sending voting through. Please help me! If you need any more info, I will send it. (My configs, etc.)
  2. Posting your config and logs here would probably help people helping you
  3. # The IP to listen to. Use if you wish to listen to all interfaces on your server. (All IP addresses)
    # This defaults to the IP you have configured your server to listen on, or if you have not configured this.

    # Port to listen for new votes on
    port: 6458

    # Setting this option to true will disable handling of Protocol v1 packets. While the old protocol is not secure, this
    # option is currently not recommended as most voting sites only support the old protocol at present. However, if you are
    # using NuVotifier's proxy forwarding mechanism, enabling this option will increase your server's security.
    disable-v1-protocol: false

    # All tokens, labeled by the serviceName of each server list.
    # Default token for all server lists, if another isn't supplied.
    default: jlol7u5jvn33khlhkutqipr8gq

    # Configuration section for all vote forwarding to NuVotifier
    # Sets whether to set up a remote method for fowarding. Supported methods:
    # - none - Does not set up a forwarding method.
    # - pluginMessaging - Sets up plugin messaging
    method: none
    channel: nuvotifier:votes

    ^ my nuvotifier config
    superbvote is working it's just that votifier isn't working

    heres smething from a tester: Fail!There was an issue sending a notification to Votifier on (MY SERVER IP):6458