Universal NuVotifier v2.5.3

A fork of Votifier, with more robust code and vote forwarding

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    NuVotifier - The modern Votifier

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  3. @Tux, Does this work with GAListener? (The poor version, not the premium one)
  4. Tux


    It should work fine with all Votifier listeners. I know it works with my own (SuperbVote).
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  5. How do I make the votes from the Bungee NuVotifier pass through to NuVotifier I got installed on my Spigot server?
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    Not currently possible. We're working on it!
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  7. Sexy, 10/10 use this rather than the original Votifier.

    Let the voting system finally be sensible! Once enough people use this and server lists support it enough, Votifier protocol v1 can be thrown in the bin where it needs to be.. Completely backwards.

    If you don't understand what I'm talking about, Votifier protocol V1 requires the serverlist to handle your keys... This requires work on your and the server list's behalf. Stupid. Let the problem be solved. Add the public key to your access list!

    Please note, this only works in V2.

    TYVM tux. <3
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    Tux updated NuVotifier with a new update entry:

    NuVotifier 2.2

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    Check out NuVotifier 2.2 now :)
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    That's not from NuVotifier. Remove Votifier and add in NuVotifer, and then reboot your server.
  11. I get this when I use NuVotifier with EnjinMinecraftPlugin. Is there any way of providing some compatibility with existing plugins that check for Votifier?
  12. Tux


    Enjin's plugin pokes into internals it shouldn't be. NuVotifier uses a different main class and doesn't have the fields it's looking for.

    I have submitted a ticket to them, but I'm not an active Enjin user.
    #13 Tux, Oct 27, 2015
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  13. I am really glad you're creating voting plugins that actually work.

    Would you mind elaborating a little more on these settings?

    Code (Text):
    # Setting this value to false will turn off the votifier port listening for external votes. This is beneficial if the server
    # is only listening for votes coming from NuVotifier running on your BungeeCord.
    enableExternal: true
    Also the token feature as well?

  14. Tux


    The "enableExternal" setting is meant for use with vote forwarding from your BungeeCord. Disabling this setting makes your server more secure as Votifier will not try to open a port and listen on it.

    The token feature is for use with the new Votifier protocol we have created. Stay tuned to learn more about it.
  15. Ok I am jacked up on pain meds as I was in a wreck so I am a little slow at the moment.

    Do I need to have this in my BungeeCord server as well as my Spigot servers too?

    When would I need to actually set it to true or false.

    Again, sorry, little slow at the moment.
  16. Tux


    Are you just trying to replace Votifier? If so, you can put this in your Spigot servers.

    If you're trying to replace a plugin like VoteSend or BVotifier, you will need NuVotifier on your BungeeCord server as well.

  17. Ah now that is making more sense, (also since I have been able to sleep off the meds) I was curious if it was able to do both.

    At first I was trying to replace Votifier but, I also see that VoteSend doesn't work correctly ether. So I this plugin can act as both VoteSend and Votifier?

    If so, do I just put this in the BC plugin folder?

    One last thing, when you drop this plugin in the plugins folder on a Spigot server and start it up. The config is is that pre-populated or does that populate that on first start up? Also which would be better to use or If we use this for VoteSend as well then how would that be configured?
  18. To clarify, setting this up to forward votes from Bungee I want to set "forwarding" to "pluginMessage" in both Bungee and Spigot configs and "enableExternal" to "false" in the Spigot config?

    Also, with the "cache" option set to "file", will the Bungee NuVotifier forward cached votes on player login?
  19. Tux


    Yes, you put it in the BungeeCord folder and restart :) is better, especially if this will be running on BungeeCord, where you do want it accessible so votes may pass through to your servers. Your Spigot servers can be set to or you can just disable "enableExternal".
    Yes, you have it. The file cache option will dispatch the votes as soon as someone logs into the server.
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