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Modern Votifier, featuring vote forwarding and support for multiple platforms

  1. Maybe the discord link should be removed from the plugin page so people stop askin :D
  2. i'm having an issue with bungee fowarding, i've followed the instructions, but oddly the section of the configs "
    # Setting this value to false will turn off the votifier port listening for external votes. This is beneficial if the server
    # is only listening for votes coming from NuVotifier running on your BungeeCord.
    enableExternal: false
    " was missing in all my NuVotifier configs, including the bungeecord server, i added them, followed the instructions, and i am still getting this error:
    13.07 17:00:09 [Server] SEVERE Unable to send vote to /104.**.***.110:25***. This vote will be lost!
    13.07 17:00:09 [Server] SEVERE Unable to send vote to /104.**.***.110:25***. This vote will be lost!
    13.07 17:00:09 [Server] SEVERE Unable to send vote to /104.**.***.110:25***. This vote will be lost!
    13.07 16:59:53 [Server] SEVERE Unable to send vote to /104.**.***.110:25***. Will retry sending in 8 second(s).
    13.07 16:59:53 [Server] SEVERE Unable to send vote to /104.**.***.110:25***. Will retry sending in 8 second(s).
    13.07 16:59:53 [Server] SEVERE Unable to send vote to /104.**.***.110:25***. Will retry sending in 8"
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  4. Trying to make a server list, where can I find proper documentation on using a webserver to send votes to a minecraft server.
  5. hello, i have 3 server, hub, faction and skyblock, i want to make it when someone vote from faction they will get reward only on faction. now when someone vote he will take rewards on all servers.

    here is my settings
  6. Can someone help with this? Some of my websites are giving me this when players vote...
    [14:59:05 ERROR]: [Votifier] Unable to process vote from /
    But other websites work fine, This one is from minecraftforum.net
  7. if something supports votifier this will work too right?
  8. I don't clearly understand tokens, should i change default values ? Or does it work with default values ?
  9. I too am in this dilemma..

    Voting site says it is setup correctly.
    Server says Voting is configured correctly.

    Yet, when I vote, nothing happens. :(

    No broadcast, nothing.

    Checked the ports, both are set to 8192. Hosting company says that is within the range I can use. Logs show that the plugins bind to the port without issue.

    Tried the Discord link and as previously stated, that no longer appears to be an option. :(

    Any suggestions on where to look for the issue?

    Thanks in advance for all your time and attention..

  10. I am guessing all support has stopped for this plugin, does anyone know a good alternative?
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  11. Looking too for an alternative
  12. Tux


    Support for this plugin hasn't stopped and it still works perfectly fine.

    While I'm not involved with this plugin any more, I still know the new maintainer is still around.
  13. smmmadden


    that's good to know - it seems like many of us are having issues with NuVotifier registering the votes (me included). I've got two vote servers I posted my servers on, tested Votifier, API & Server Access and they all check out. Using VotingPlugin 5.9.4, I'm directed to the correct server and can vote, but the votes don't come back to my BungeeCord network of Spigot Servers. Seems like there is something missing from the documentation to guide us in making that connection/service call so that it works properly. From what the owner of VotingPlugin can tell, the issue is on the NuVotifier and/or configuration not calling the right API.

    I've posted over on GitHub and others have too, but no responses from the developer. Perhaps on vacation or not in a position to update the plugin? Thanks! -Steve
  14. Has anyone at this point found a solution for no rewards? My Votifier is properly setup, and any site I use to test the connection states that the voting is setup perfectly, however nothing is happening via any listener I use.

    I discovered that changing the Votifier port fixes the issue, I simply changed mine from 8192 to 8193 and my voting listener works perfectly fine now.
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    I'm running into a similar issue where I get redirected (url to click on in chat) to the voting site, but it doesn't register back in-game. I'm using BungeeCord and the port for it is 8205. Of course all the spigot servers are different. Are you thinking that the code is requiring BC to be 8193 to properly work?
  16. Hi ! I don't know clearly how to setup nuvotifier for bungeecord :/
    Will this work ?: https://pastebin.com/dha7dEKt
    (I wrote only things that i'm not sure of)
    I hope i will thank you :)
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  17. No one use NuVotifier ? ...
  18. i am also having the issue of no rewards, and very sad to see that nobody seems to be helping. :-/
  19. @Ichbinjoe Any updates planned? A lot of us are having issues.