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  1. is it allowed to spigot to post a resource with obfuscate jar? because dev bukkit don't allow one of the staff said so.
  2. It is allowed as far as I know, don't know for sure though
  3. Many have done it, at least for free plugins.
  4. how about premium plugins you've seen one?
  5. Yes, for example: AAC, Spartan, and other premium plugins. It's still allowed.
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  6. if you're certain and I think it is okay thanks.
  7. Gianluca

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    You can post a Premium plugin with an obfuscated jar file. But, for the initial approval stage, we recommend providing a non obfuscated (or very lightly obfuscated) jar so we can check it. After that, go wild (so long as everything else follows the Spigot rules)
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  8. Could it be possible that we can provide the mapping to improve approval process? Would be nice if a resource-teammember can download the jar, apply the mapping and see not obfuscated source.
  9. obfuscate may harm computers?
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  10. No, it can speed up a little.
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    No. But when you submit a plugin for Premium, we look at the source code as well.
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  12. Thank you then.
  13. Wait another question for you what is the best obfuscator program you used?
  14. All of them will be cracked at some point, so personally I don't think it's worth the hundreds of <insert valuta>.

    You can consider just open sourcing a premium plugin, it won't be the first one.
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  15. I know it well I'm going to open source the plugin for sure but I'm trying to have an obfuscate plugin for once then it is a choice for us to have I know it will be cracked at some point, but I rather choose to use brilliant tools to obfuscate the jar.
  16. TIP: Dont use ProGuard (It can be Deobfusecated, I wont say how since its a Bugg,)
    EDIT: The reason that i cant tell since Its i have no clue how it works, but i know it exists,,
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  17. Mas


    ProGuard just doesn't offer any flow obfusucation or String encryption, meaning you can often get a good idea of how the code works. It isn't a bug that you can decompile it; you can decompile any jar, but depending on the obfuscator it will be harder/easier to read.
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  18. MiniDigger


    thats the point, it only makes it lightly harder (and most stuff can be deobfuscated by automated tools easily). I generally would consider obfuscation a waste of time.
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    • Zelix Klassmaster
    • Stringer
    • Allatori
    • Smoke
    Maybe I get also DexGuard or DashO soon.

    However, I would recommend Zelix for "normal" resources, and Zelix + Stringer for resources you really want to keep secret.
    Zelix + Allatori + Stringer works too, however, the performance impact can be slightly noticeable under certain circumstances.
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  19. I wouldn't really consider Smoke as an obfuscator you can use, since it's not out yet due to their lack of permission to sell it yet. I believe you might be able to send them a plugin so you can test it, but I don't really recommend that because you don't get any configuration to it.