Obfuscater Not working

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  1. In the bukkit.yml I enable Obfuscator. When I reload or restart the server Nothing happens. Xray still works.

    Config : http://pastebin.com/TvAMrBZ5
    Group Manager, Worldedit, Voxel Sniper, Creative gates, Buycraft, Player Logger, Starter Kit, Vault, EZM, Backpack, Core Protect, Lockpicks, Lockette, Legendary Staff List, Hero Chat, McMMO, Multi Soup, Essentials, Essentials Spawn, Enjin Minecraft Plugin, Compat NoCheatPlus, Essentials Chat, Factions, NoCheatPlus, CombatTag, BorderGuard

    Please could someone help me quick as I could find 10 xrayers a day. There are probably many more and I need to stop them,
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  2. Puremin0rez


    Try setting the engine mode to 2 and see if you see fake ores everywhere with xray
  3. for me too...