Object Output And Input

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  1. If anyone could kindly direct me to the nearest tutorial not javadocs that explains how to get this working i would highly appreciate it. I have been googling for the past 4 hours!

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    What do you mean by object output and input? Do you mean IO? Like serialising objects to save them in a file? Or methods with parameters and return types?
  3. Sadly, this doesnt clarify anything. He gave you a 2 option choice question, and you answered it with "yes." :S

    "Do you mean A or B?"


    *still doesnt know whether he means A or B...*
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  4. io..... sorry
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  5. You could use scanner to get the user input.
  6. Cereal killer IO not method and return
  7. So you want to serialize an object to a file and then deserialize it when requested?
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    @ScienceSpark please take a few moments to write out a full and complete thought about what it is you are looking for. Provide examples and use cases. Provide some code that you have tried already. Etc. The more we know about what you want help with, the more help you will get.
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