Spigot OblivionNotification 1.0

Notify players when their name is typed

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    OblivionNotification - Notify players when their name is typed

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  2. Doesn't work lol
  3. @iHolden It works fine, you cant put your own name, only another player can put your name and it has to be full user name.
  4. would you please add a few permissions? basically permission where only the players give said perm will be able to get the notification. also the option to disable the chat notification and just keep the sound notification. and maybe add some sort of reg-expression to it, so that if part of the players name is typed in, it would still recognize it and notify the player. ex my name is Penturt, but if someone types in just "pent" or "turt" id like it to be able to notify me.
  5. Could you add, like your own notificationfilter like: Notifications add <word> and notifications remove <word>?
  6. I am working on permissions, auto fill and config, I am also working on improving some more features with it, it shouldn't take too long but, who knows. Message me if there are any more features you want!