Spigot Obsidian Destroyer [Depreciated] V. 2.0

Destroyes Obsidian And Bedrock On Impact From Tnt, Creepers, and Withers

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    Obsidian Destroyer - Destroyes Obsidian And Bedrock On Impact From Tnt, Creepers, and Withers

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  4. Is this your plugin? I actually use it but I downloaded it on bukkit dev page.
    Works great on my server ;)
  5. Yes This Is My Plugin
  6. I Dont Know About And Bukkit.Dev Theo :/
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    Obsidian Destroyer

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  8. I am having a bug with this plugin. If you make a bedrock base and cover it in water, tnt/creepers/withers don't break it. I tried it and it didn't break it but if i added obsidian covered with water, only withers could destroy it.
  9. Bedrock Has 32 HP I believe.
    Obsidian Has 2 HP.
    And Their Is An Block Reset Timer
    Their Is No Bug.
  10. What do you mean? Please help! PM me your skype so we can talk faster
  11. The bedrock has an reset delay till the tnt damage resets once it resets they got to re start
  12. @madwolfpack

    Hi there. This plugin looks nice and concise :p, I am wondering:

    - Can I set more materials to be breakable, such as Enderchest & Enchantment table? If so, should I just write their Minecraft names? Example: enchanting_table: 3
    - How do block durabilities/resistances regenerate exactly (is there a defined ammount of time/regeneration points)? It's strange, because I've seen that on the space an obsidian block has been broken, when a new one is placed, it can be destroyed with just one explosion. But when the server restarts, this spacial effect is lost (Could this be a bug? Or is it intentional?)

    Any advice on how to bild successfull Factions balance between ofensiveness and faction territory defense would also be appreciated! :)
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  13. Yes, All you have to do is do ENDER_CHEST for the name if it doesnt work just reply
  14. Could you passably put the ip of this server so I can see what your trying to do?
  15. This plugin has no permission nodes? will there be any update allowing that?
  16. What do you need permissions for?
  17. Well, I want it so that only certain groups can use obsidian breaker
  18. So Like
    Obsidian > 25
    Bedrock > 55
    Obsidian > 20
    Bedrock > 45