Spigot Obsidian Destroyer [Depreciated] V. 2.0

Destroyes Obsidian And Bedrock On Impact From Tnt, Creepers, and Withers

  1. I am glad that this plugin as drt and squid don't seem to be doing much with theirs anymore.

    However, there is a huge issue with it. When you destroy a block, or even when you deal damage to a block at all, the durability is lowered as expected, but when you replace that block, the lowered durability remains


    There doesn't seem to be any way to fix this aside from restarting the server. When I restart, all the durability values reset and then you can place the blocks back allowing them full durability.

    Aside from this, the plugin does work. You may also want to think about adding a damage variable based on explosion type, and even maybe like a water durability (i.e. obby has 5 durability dry, and 7 wet)

    Thanks for the plugin and I hope to see a fix for the durability reset soon as I would love to use this in our factions server
  2. The durability being negitive is just a gathering error.
  3. Is there a way to make it so you can blow up half blocks/lava? Since you can make unraidable bases using fences and other half blocks and regeneration walls with lava?
  4. Hi, I know this isnt supported, but can you possibly add compatibility with CrackShot? Any explosion that is supposed to break blocks (that is set to explosions_no_grief: false in the CrackShot config) does not do any damage whatsoever to obsidian.
  5. nice plugin can you give me fireball code pls
  6. Bug with water, tnt in water makes damage.
  7. Splazeing


    Sadly does not
    support the block End Portal Frame.

  8. Can You Make Obsidian and Bedrock Have To Have More HIts To Break? 2 Hits For Obi Is Way To Easy On My Server...It Needs To More Like 15-20 For Me