Spigot OceanGrow 1.0.1

Simplify growing kelp and seagrass in pre-1.13 oceans

  1. XerxesTireIron submitted a new resource:

    OceanGrow - Simplify growing kelp and seagrass in pre-1.13 oceans

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  2. This looks great, will give it a try!
  3. And before anyone asks: No, I have no plans to expand it to include any of the new structures. That's far more complicated and beyond the scope of this plugin.

    Awww man :)

    Imagine your 'bonemeal' wand for ocean would be able to place a few random corals here and there as well, a couple of sea pickles, MmmHmm! :)
  4. It'd be nice if it triggered on loading new chunks, to populate existing biomes without user intervention. But this is pretty great too, thanks!
  5. I just had the pleasure of using this, and my mind already wants so much more from this, bit of coral etc, .. if only there was a plugin that lets us place different shipwrecks, etc.. ala 1.13.2. a bit easier.

    Besides this plugin, did anybody make anything else to do this sort of 1.13.2new stuff?
  6. Support for region protection wouldn't hurt either, players could go to worldguard regions of others and just flood the place with grass etc.
  7. I haven't really looked around but at the time I made this there wasn't really anything. Someone may make a plugin to do shipwrecks and such eventually but that's a good bit more complex than putting down random plants.

    I'll look into adding that when I have the chance.
  8. Thank you!

    It would be nice if players can only use it in the region they own, or at least not in regions they don't own (but maybe allow __global__)