Solved Odd Connection Issue

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  1. Hiya guys,

    So, I'm currently running a BungeeCord server on a VPS I have set up. The ports are open properly and I can connect just fine. I have a friend who lives in Spain, but he is unable to connect, and I'm not sure why. Other people I've checked with are able to connect. When I open it on any other port he can connect. Any idea why this might be happening?
  2. I see 2 possibilities.
    1. Is he using a public network? (School etc.) They may block this specific port, and others for "security".
    2. He has some kind of security program installed blocking this exact port.
  3. He is connecting from home, and while I'm not sure about security software, I don't think his outbound is blocked. He's able to connect to other servers using the 25565 port.
  4. are the other servers hosted in the same country as your server? it could be country-specific, I have had the same issue with only one player, but it solved itself after some days
  5. Could perhaps also be a routing issue between your provider and his network.
  6. I don't think it's a routing issue. I've scanned the ports on the VPS and they are all correctly opened.

    I live in the US, the server is hosted in Canada, and he lives in Spain. And again, it's only the 25565 port.
  7. Well, it looks like we figured it out. He had some unintentional firewall rules set that were blocking a range of ports. Thanks for the help. He discovered it only after looking through his antivirus program. So that suggestion saved the day.

    So, thanks again!
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