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  1. I have seen plugins that are legally licensed, how do you actually license a plugin though?
    They have TOS and If you break them they can take legal actions.
  2. MiniDigger


    Code (Text):
    cat 'MIT' >
    git add
    git commit -m "add license"
    git push
    but really, just choose any of the open source licenses and you are fine.

    for anything else, contact a laywer.
  3. have fun trying to figure out if someone actually broke the license though
  4. That wont be a problem :)
  5. So i have to add this in code or what i have to do? I have never done anything like this before
  6. How won't that be a problem? If you're going to license a plugin, you're going to want to be able to keep track of anybody leaking... However any DRM system you implement can be easily removed. Along with this, a lot of the DRM systems that people want to implement are not allowed here.
  7. Well if you want to protect a digital asset you need to write yourself a Terms of Service and make sure the user agrees to that before you hand over the plugin.

    The licensing well it isn't that important you can just choose a license that says nobody can distribute your code or plugin without your permission or legal actions will be taken.

    I'm not a lawyer but if you seek to entirely protect your plugin against everything that is out there I would suggest you to contact a lawyer.
    Maybe a lawyer that is also specialized in online/digital assets.
  8. Okay thanks for the help!
  9. Just one more question, insted of spigot where can i make this license? Just anywhere or? Like can i make it in google docs?
  10. You can have the License anywhere but you have to refer to it on the page where you upload your plugin. Like the license has to be on the page itself as a link, download link or text.
  11. Okay thanks again!

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