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  1. Hey, if you have any plugin problems im happy to help :)
  2. I think your lore updates faster than the game,
    I think this is the current update order

    1: *you grab the emerald on the ground*
    2: the lore recognizes the amount of emeralds on you (63)
    3: updates lore
    4: the game recognizes you have 64 emeralds
    5: the lore doesnt get updated.

    How often does the lore update?
  3. yeah I figured that out as well but I couldn't find a way to update it correctly.I've added the code there, right now the lore updates each time the player picks up something (If the picked up item is an emerald)
  4. Try setting a delay, so it updates 5 seconds after the players pickups an emerald (for starters so we see where the problem is)
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  5. Will do that and update you, for the meantime I've another question.

    How can I disable the default inventory which opens when we rightclick a chest? I want to make my own custom inventory instead but the chest's inventory overrides mine Figured that out just after I asked ya
  6. Haha ye update me ASAP
  7. A more updated fork of ChunksSpawnerLimiter can be found here

    @Twatch, So I was able to solve my emerald issue in a different way. I cancelled the player pickup event and updated the lores so that the lag issue did not happen and I did not have to delay the event. however I have another question for you to help me with :)

    I have a config and in the config there is a sub section like this:

    Code (Text):

       - EMERALD
       - IRON_INGOT
       - IRON_SWORD
       - EMERALD_ORE
       - IRON_BLOCK
    my question is, how can I get the number of items under tier-items.tier1 and how can I add them all to this:

    Code (Text):

    RandomCollection<String> totalitems = new RandomCollection<String>();
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  8. hey if you have skype add me chris.payne301 so we can screenshare I need plugin help
  9. If i get your question right you for example want to get all the 3 items under tier:
  10. Added you (y)
  11. Yep, but we have been using the chat channels for 4 years now and its a big job to replace it. I just saw your offer and it would be a much easier job for me if I could get the plugin updated, so I asked. :)
  12. Ofcourse doing nothing is an easier job :D, the offer was kind of "questions and small problems" what do i get if i do this?
  13. yes I want all the items under tier1 and also I want to count how many items there are under tier1
  14. Sorry I didn't know it was a big job to update, what are you looking for?
  15. Plugins like these usually cost like 10$