Premium [Official] mcMMO Classic [Paid]

Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by drtshock, Dec 17, 2014.

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  1. Why you sell this??? It is free on bukkit......
  2. Updates are going to be posted here now. The developers need some motivation to keep working on it :)

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  3. Guess that means we finally have a claim to a fix on all those silly bugs then :D

    I'm okay with 10 USD if it means stuff gets done ;)
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  4. I hope more people start seeing it that way :)
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  5. SpaZMonKeY777

    Wiki Team

    Happy to see mcMMO try and push through into 1.8 and beyond.

    If the latest snapshot there is actually updated to 1.8 and utilizes new blocks, animals, mobs, etc then I will definitely contribute and continue to. mcMMO is a fantastic plugin and I have used it for years now, and would hate to see it disappear.

    I suppose a changelog would be nice, if the snapshot introduces any additions/fixes to the previous versions. Thanks again!
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  6. agreed
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  7. Been using this plugin for 3+ years, very happy to donate for it!
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  8. Lee


    Thanks for the update!
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  9. So the current plugin on bukkit won't be updated, but the paid spigot one here will? If so, awesome, hope these developers will be motivated to keep such an amazing plugin awesome! You guys have the right to charge for your plugin, some servers make thousands of dollars off your hard work.
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  10. Exactly. And glad you feel that way :)
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  11. samczsun


    I can already see the loads of comments on the Bukkit page, along the lines of "ghgjsfaldfhashdjk the frigging developers made it paid now y u do dis jooghjdhfafkld"

    edit: (or not. bet you issues on GitHub will start popping up though)

    Never had the need for this plugin, because I don't run a server, but buying it regardless for all the hard work you guys put into it
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  12. The BukkitDev page has always had comments disabled.
  13. Well, it's only reasonable for you want to be paid for your work, and I do enjoy your plugins so i'll be buying this soon since I was satisfied with ObsidianDestroyer.

    So, from what I understand, all future updates and bug fixes will be posted here only from now on, not on the bukkitdev page?
  14. Correct. And to be clear, @toothpick1 and @Tft202 are the current active developers, not me. I'm just posting it and handling the page :)
  15. What about the McMMO Jenkins Page? will that be inactive now? (I bought the plugin, just asking)
  16. The CI link is on project page (hidden in the "if you don't appreciate devs, download here). It's now on my Jenkins.
  17. TitanicFreak


    So glad to see this as a premium resource, will actually make this plugin worth the developer's time to fix bugs and add more features.
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  18. I agree, time to start paying for this one.
    $10.61 funky price.
    But still a bargain.
  19. I still don't understand why plugins as good as mcMMO are free.
    Bought, $13.03AUD.
    Even funkier price.

    Keep up the good work!
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