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    Anyone have any recent issues with Blast Mining just stopping working? Ever since we updated to 1.12.1, using flint and steel just doesn't work anymore, and we have always had the crouch-right-click option set for a while as well. I updated to the latest build as of today, and still no luck, any ideas? All other skills are working fine and no other noticeable bugs.
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  2. I'll try to remember to check this out. You should be able to crouch and light from a long distance away, which simply doesn't work in Vanilla.
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    Should be able to, but can't... Lighting TNT normally works fine up close, but trying to use Blast Mining seems to have just broken for us, it's weird.
  4. I'm about 3 hrs away from a confirmation. Hopefully we'll get a few more eyeballs on this. MC 1.12.2? No other plugins than maybe EssentialsX?
  5. I'm having an issue where mcMMO is rejecting any repair.custom.yml I add, renames it to repair.custom.yml.old, and tries to load a nonexistent one from the jar. I've taken my additions and manually added them into the repair.vanilla.yml in the jar, and mcMMO just outright ignores it. All I want to do is add repairable chainmail armor, shields, and elytra!
  6. I apologize for the delay, I'd completely forgotten until just now. I'm using Spigot 1.12.2 (currently 2 versions behind) and the latest version of mcMMO announced by @t00thpick1. I placed the TNT and was some distance away, and I got the expected instant kaboom. Could EssentialsX Protection, CraftBook, GriefPrevention, Factions, or some other plugin be interfering? Nobody else is reporting this specific problem, so we would need some more details on your setup to help figure that one out.

    @AgentBaron, I don't have custom anything, but hopefully someone will respond soon who has experience in this area.
  7. Still waiting for someone to save the day lmao bump.
  8. Hi, treefeller doesn't work for common users, I added the permission in PEX but still doesn't work, I'm using 1.8 version.

    TreeFeller always works only for OP's.

    Can someone please help me with this problem? I'll appreciate it.

    I'm using Latest 1.8 Build: 1.5.04-SNAPSHOT
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  9. Hmm I'll take a look sometime this week.
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  10. Erm will you ever renew the link for McMMO 1.8? Please D:
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  11. Implying this is a MCMMO Issue, I am unsure what this means in the console.

    [23:45:53 INFO]: {"extra":[{"color":"gold","text":"[mcMMO] Running version "},{"color":"dark_aqua","text":"1.5.09-SNAPSHOT"}],"text":""}
    [23:45:53 INFO]: {"extra":[{"color":"gold","text":"[mcMMO] "},{"color":"green","clickEvent":{"action":"open_url","value":""},"text":""},{"color":"yellow","text":" - mcMMO Website"}],"text":""}
    [23:45:53 INFO]: {"extra":[{"color":"yellow","text":"KnifeKat joined the game"}],"text":""}
  12. I really don't know the code, I'm just curious. Is there a clear method to distinguish between skill levels and raw skill XP? It seems like the add exp command could be tweaked to know, but then I'm not clear on how custom configs could totally trash any presumption of raw XP vs. custom leveling settings. I apologize for talking out my ignorance.
  13. Could you explain more about what you mean with an example? I don't think that helps my issue either way.
  14. I should have looked at

    Is there something /addlevels is doing that you are using /addxp (with the logarithmic scale "diminishing returns" penalty) instead? Adding by level should bypass the diminishing returns cleanly, at least I would hope. I've not tested any of this, and until I looked at the command reference, I had entirely forgotten /addlevels was even available, though I remembered it with the Vanilla /xp command.
  15. Hey, im unable to access the jenkins page at the moment
  16. The problem is that each level requires more EXP, and it would be impossible to balance the gold requirement per-level.
  17. Language files are incomplete~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  18. Ah. I'm not clear how this one would be fixed up. Thank you for responding.