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  1. Can we add a spigot-dev channel just like in IRC expect we can pin important messages and the history of chat will be saved
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  2. Like I rebutted - If we add it and then one day I decide to help ONE person, and then I start getting tagged left; right and centre, I'm going to be beyond pissed; as will the many hundreds of people that don't need such a channel. If anything, add another locked channel (like announcements) where Michael can list a load of helpful links.
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  3. Finally, SpigotMC has a Discord too, not just PaperMC and Sponge
  4. What is the purpose of #verification?
  5. It's so you can associate your forum account with a discord account. It changes your nickname in the server to match your name here on the forums and gives you a fancy blue "Verified" role.
  6. OK, so it really does nothing important. :cool:
  7. Certainly not if you don't value the color blue. :p
    And the ability to post images in chat.
  8. MiniDigger


    I think in the future it might sync forum rules/badges too
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  9. Verification bot is not sending PMs.
    EDIT: fixed
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  10. I love the Discord server for SpigotMC :D

    I had a name change here; can someone please update my name on the discord server as well?

    Edit: this is my 69th message so I don't want to make more posts xD
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  11. Me and the boys on Teamsp-
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  12. Is it possible to re-link your spigot account to another discord account?
    My discord account was randomly disabled, no clue why. No email as to why, and no response in 5 days to my email asking as to why - guess I've lost my account and am not getting it back, oh well.

    Since the discord bot doesn't have a way to re-verify could this be done manually? New discord user ID is 585576154958921739
  13. Y'all Better do some events ;)
  14. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Ive unverified that account
  15. Cheers
  16. Can't wait for all the chaos to unfold xD
  17. c
  18. Thanks!
  19. I have no idea where to ask this (sorry for the bump), but how do I appeal bans from the discord? I was banned when someone posted an IP grabber in chat and I told people that it was an IP grabber redirecting ( -> grabber -> youtube rickroll). My ID is 250881407759548416 or OskarZyg#9256.
  20. Choco


    I've unbanned. Very likely that you were caught in the crossfire, I can't recall.
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