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    If you are reading this thread it means that you have emailed support with a question that has a standard resolution or response. Please read below to find the answer to your query.

    <Not in English>
    Your support ticket was not in English. Please create a new ticket with an English request.

    <Anything to do with website content>
    Please open a report using the report button.


    My premium plugin hasn't been approved.
    I cannot create premium plugins.
    My premium plugin was deleted.
    Pretty much anything related to premium plugins.

    Please read:

    I cannot download a plugin I paid for.
    Please read: and contact the author. In some cases PayPal may be holding your payment or the author must manually approve it.

    A premium plugin I bought doesn't work, I want a refund.
    SpigotMC does not deal with money related to premium plugins. Please read and speak to the author. If the issue cannot be resolved you can open a dispute on PayPal with the appropriate reason.

    Can you transfer my purchases to another account?
    We do not have this capability.

    My plugin was leaked.
    SpigotMC is not the internet police. If the plugin was leaked on our site, then open a report on the forums.

    My inactive premium plugin was deleted.
    It has been restored for you to post an update. You need to post an update to avoid it being deleted again per the rules. We will only restore a resource twice, after which point it will be permanently removed.

    Someone left a mean/fake/stupid review on my plugin.
    We do not remove reviews unless they are obvious spam. Spam in this case means bypassing the character limit or smashing your face against the keyboard.

    My premium plugin has not been approved, but others have.
    Plugins are approved in the order they are submitted. The plugin posting date is reset once a resource is approved. Approval times are usually 2-3 weeks.


    I want my email changed
    Please see

    I want my name changed.
    Only donors may change their name. Once your donation has been manually processed (usually 24-48 hours) you can access the name changes instructions here.

    I want my date of birth changed.
    If you let us know your new date of birth, it has been changed. If not, you have to let us know what you would like your new date of birth to be.

    I want my account deleted.
    Please see

    My account was hacked.
    We have restored your email address to the value used to sign up for the account and locked your password. Please request a new password via the forgot password feature. We are unable to restore your account to any other email address.

    I lost my 2fa device.
    Why did you ignore our clear instructions to save your backup codes on paper? If you sent your support request from the email associated with your account, then 2fa has been deactivated and you have been banned for a week. If you do not have access to the email associated with your account, then we cannot help you.

    I cannot start a private message or conversation
    Due to spam we have been forced to limit private messaging for new accounts. Please use the public forum threads or discussion tab to contact authors. This way all users can benefit from assistance provided to you as well.
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    Ban Appeals

    I posted a malicious / leaked plugin because:
    My brother was using my account.
    It was a prank for a friend.
    The code was for testing only.
    I did not know it was against the rules.

    These are lame excuses and we hear them all the time. Please wait at least a month before opening an appeal. After this time you should open an appeal stating 1) Your account name, 2) Why you were banned, 3) Why it will not happen again. 4) Why you should be unbanned

    Why am I banned?
    Your ban reason is clearly stated when you attempt to log in.

    My ban is expired, but I am still banned!
    Timezones are a thing.
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    Error 1020: My IP has been blocked

    You are accessing these forums from a commercial hosting provider (including the Hurricane Electric Tunnelbroker). Sometimes we block hosting providers due to abusive activity originating from their network. These forums are designed to be browsed by you at home, not from your server and so this should not pose an issue. In addition we have rules against VPNs and automated access to these forums. Your address will not be whitelisted, please access the forums from a consumer connection and upload plugins to your server from there if necessary.

    I can't send conversations / private messages / review a plugin
    Your account must meet certain age and message count requirements before you can perform these actions. If you are trying to contact an author about a plugin please consider using their public discussion thread rather than contacting them in private.
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