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  1. Does anyone keep their databases separate from their servers? I am talking on a whole different VPS or Dedicated server. I am really struggling to get phpmyadmin to work nicely on my server box and I already have webhosting that allows easy MySQL database creation and was just thinking instead of going through the hassle I could just send the data to that service instead.

    What would be the drawbacks to this if any?
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    The major drawback (if the VPS isn't in the same datacenter as your server) would be the ping/connection time to your database. If it runs on the same physical server that usually isn't an issue. Also depending on much you query your database a website host's database might not be the most performant solution, especially when comparing it running on a dedicated server. (You probably also have less control about the database server settings like max connection count and performance tweaks)

    My suggestion would be to run your MySQL (or MariaDB ;D) server for your Minecraft server directly alongside that on the same machine if your hardware allows that and try to get phpMyAdmin running on your webhost while connecting to your database on the other server. (I personally just use the mysql command line interface, not a big fan of exposing a "production" database to a possibly exploitable web interface)
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  3. Thanks for the reply, I decided instead of giving myself a headache i went ahead and just but regular minecraft hosting as its just for a small community server for a buddy, it works perfect for me and comes with the database creation in multicraft
  4. Yeah I agree with what Phoenix said, if you want to get into more technically aspects of hosting and running a MySQL separate you will need to first ensure that the connection between the two is sufficient enough to not notice any delays (you will always get this)
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    I would not separate it if I can avoid it. Not being able to get phpMyAdmin to work is definitely not reason enough for the drawbacks. I prefer SQLyog for management, more lightweight than a phpMyAdmin installation.
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  6. I used a Minecraft host where the MySQL server was 900 miles (1400 km) from the MC server. Yes, it had all the problems you'd expect. I no longer use that host. And it was highly-recommended, too!

    Keep the MySQL server with your MC server and just run phpMyAdmin remotely on your web hosting. Hell, you could even run phpMyAdmin on your computer at home.
  7. What host was this? and do they still do this?