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Legendary dungeon spawn plug-in, returning again

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    Oh The Dungeons You'll Go - Legendary dungeon spawn plug-in, returning again

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  2. Ability to customise loot and item names?
  3. yes.
    please check the how to use section
  4. hmhmhmhmhmh, checked, but still can't find anything, just how to spawn dungeons.

  5. Everything could be done in gui. Just input /otd

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  6. This wasn't writted an webpage, but thank you for help.
  7. 求你了作者,来个汉化吧,不只是mcbbs有国人的QAQ
  8. 你自己看discord群
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  10. Well, I can see the option to add loot to the dungeon in the GUI. But is there the option to edit existing loot?
  11. no
  12. useless then
  13. [​IMG]

    builtin editor is almost done
    but I think it's not necessary now
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  14. Hello, so I recently came across a nether dungeon in the overworld which was awesome but I can't make it past the first room because the mobs do not stop spawning and there are tons of them, every time I kill one it instantly respawns in the middle of the air above the room. I looked around but noticed no noticeable things that might need to be destroyed in the dungeon to stop the spawning. Is it intended for them to never stop spawning?

    Thanks in advance!
  15. It means there's a spawner nearby. All monsters in this plug-in are coming from spawners